What is the procedure for scrap?

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You may use the TPin to submit an online application [login to your e-Services@ONE.MOTORING account via your SingPass (for Singaporeans/Singapore PRs), EASY (for ACRA-registered businesses and companies that have an EASY account), or LTA-issued user ID and password (for businesses/ companies that do not have an EASY account) (Ownership > De-registration > Authorise a submitter to de-register)] to authorise a submitter to de-register your vehicle at an LTA Appointed Scrapyard. The submitter should bring along the following documents to the scrapyard:

(a) Duly completed de-registration application form (Form D01);

(b) Original NRIC (Singaporean/ Singapore PRs) or Employment / Immigration pass card issued by MOM or ICA (Foreigners) of the submitter authorised by you to de-register the vehicle at the scrapyard; and

(c) Road Tax fees (if the road tax is outstanding at the point of vehicle de-registration).

The submitter should ensure the vehicle is scrapped at one of the LTA Appointed Scrapyard within 5 calendar days of your online application. Otherwise, the application will lapse and you will have to re-apply. Please note that your vehicle will remain registered until it is de-registered at an LTA Appointed Scrapyard;

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