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about 7 years ago

Why do my breaks squeak?

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1 Answer


Common causes for squeaky brakes are:

Worn out pads

Brake rotor rust

Hard braking

Long-life brake pads

So how can you tell if the noise coming from your brakes is a sign of wear that might need replacement or what can you do to stop the noise if the brake pads are NOT worn?

How to determine if your brakes are worn or not:

Track service intervals

Stop-and-go vs. highway driving

Visual inspections

Removing rust to see if problem persists

Type of brake pads

If the above doesn't helps in finding the issue for squeaking brakes, it's best to bring down for servicing to know the issue. If it's a worn out brake pads, best to keep track of your mileage for your brake pads til the next servicing.


about 7 years ago