The Most Scenic Routes in Singapore

Published by on . Updated on 18 May 2020

Scenic routes road singapore (Photo Credit: Pixabay)

Wind down the window, feel the breeze through your hair and take in the scenery. We don't have to look far for breathtaking views. Take a drive down these roads and sit back, relax - the traffic won't touch you here.

Here are four scenic routes you can drive down to soon!

1. Ocean Drive, Sentosa

(Photo Credit: Google Maps)

Some of us don't drive past the second round-about in Sentosa, but within this island is a little slice of Hollywood Hills. Ocean Drive is home to plenty expats and their playground. Park and enjoy the berths filled with yachts, or have a bite to eat along Quayside Isle - there's plenty more to do in Sentosa than just beaches.

2. Bayfront Avenue

(Photo Credit: Google Maps)

Bayfront Avenue road spans the entirety of tourist hotspots. Showcasing the Helix Bridge, Esplanade, Marina Bay Sands and the Singapore River. Drives always feel so much calmer seeing the city skyline from afar - at least it distracts you from the heavy ERP prices. Worth it.

3. East Coast Park Service Road

(Photo Credit: Google Maps)

East Coast Park Road is a heartwarming change of view from the bustling city. Smell the salt in the air, listen to the waves crash upon the shore - you can almost feel the knots in your shoulders untangling. East Coast Park also offers plenty of food varieties so you'll never have to go hungry and tense.

4. Fairways Drive

(Photo Credit: Google Maps)

Leave behind the city skyline for greener pasture. The lush fields of green along Fairways Drive can easily fool you into thinking you're somewhere else. The grounds are often used for wedding pictures, and you can definitely see why. Unrestricted views of the big blue sky and not a sound to be heard.

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