Why All Car Owners in Singapore Should Register an Account at Motorist.sg

Published by on . Updated on 18 May 2020

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Tasked to sell your company car but don't know how? Motorist.sg has you covered. Need to get your car insurance but can't decide which is best for you? We got your back. Need an answer to a troubling question? We'll tell you fast.

Motorist.sg is pretty much everything a motorist needs in one handy place, and we've got more to offer.

Well, what do we have?

1. E-Concierge

Our E-concierge service helps remember the important stuff so you don't have to. We remind you when your road tax renewal is due, when it's time for your next car inspection, alerts you on fines, and much more!

2. Ask Motorists

Got a nagging question you can't answer even after scouring the entirety of the Internet? Ask Motorists! You'll get answers from experienced community members and experts in the field in no time. It's fast, it's easy, and it spares you the splitting headaches.

3. Special Events

As a member of Motorist.sg, it isn't just about earning and learning from your screen. You also get invited to meet like-minded people through club gatherings, charities and other events of all sorts!

4. Discounts

Of course, members get a little more pampered. You get special discounts from our extensive network of partners for essentials such as repairs, servicing, grooming and accessories. Now that's a deal!

5. Car Clubs

We've also got growing car clubs right here on Motorist.sg. All you've got to do is register your vehicle, and you're in! You get to meet people of all sorts that share the same passion you do for your car.

6. Motoring News and Tips

Here at Motorist.sg, we are for the motorist, hence the name. Besides helping you find out what you want to know and reminding you what you may've forgot, we want to ensure you're in the loop on all the important things you might not know yet. Our articles cover a myriad of useful topics, from coupon tips to the upcoming ERP 2.0, and help you through complicated procedures with our easy-to-digest how-to articles!

7. Sell/Scrap Your Car Fuss-Free

Selling your car shouldn't be a hassle. It shouldn't be a tiring affair of chasing prospective buyers and getting ghosted time and time again. With Motorist.sg, it won't be! All you need to do is submit your details here, and we'll liaise with our extensive network of partners to help you get the best price for your used car. Quick, easy, and fuss-free on your part! When we've found it for you, make an appointment with the buyer! From there, our buyer will settle all outstanding bank loans, paperwork and pay you the balance after handover, and it's smooth-sailing from there!

I want to find the highest selling price for my car within 24 hours!

Don't worry, our staff are friendly folks. Take it from these guys!

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You can find more of these here.

We're pretty proud of our testimonials, and we intend to keep it that way.

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