​Mindef Enforces Season Parking at Six More Military Camps and Bases

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Motorist Season Parking Army Camp(Photo Credit: The Online Citizen)

Starting 1 April, army personnel will be required to pay for season parking at six more military camps and bases. However, operationally-ready NSmen who are returning to camp for training and other national service obligations will be exempted from paying.

This decision came from Mindef after a “recent review”, reports The Straits Times. Come 1 April, permanent staff at affected camps (which might include Khatib and Mowbray Camp) will have to pay S$120 a month for sheltered parking and S$90 per month for outdoor parking.

These prices were derived from market rates of nearby HDB carparks that are located near the camps. They also follow the existing fees of 10 Mindef and SAF locations that currently charge season parking.

“Due to their proximity to public amenities, the carparks in these camps are deemed to have market value,” said Mindef in a statement.

Besides permanent military personnel, contractors will also be required to pay for parking. However, operationally ready NSmen who return to camp for national service obligations and training will be exempted from paying.

This isn’t the only season parking initiative that the government has made this week. On Monday, 27 March, it was announced that school teachers and faculty members will be required to pay for parking in all national primary and secondary schools.

What do you think of these sudden season parking changes? Is there really "market value" in military camps and bases? Let us know what you think below.

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