Posted on 30 Jul 2020
Registration Date 12/04/2010
Ownership 3
Mileage 256,000 KM
Veh. Scheme Normal
COE $33,018
OMV $33,274
ARF $33,274
Min. PARF $0
Paper Value $28,509(As of 12/08/2020)
Road Tax Payable $1,884/yr
COE Expiry Date 31/03/2029(103 months left)
PARF Expiry Date 11/04/2020
Road Tax Expiry Date 11/10/2020
Vehicle Code P11
Manufacturing Year 2009
Primary Colour White
Transmission Auto
Fuel Type Petrol
Engine Capacity 2362 CC
Power 125.0 kW (167 bhp)
Vehicle Attachment No Attachment

Seller's Notes


Powerful 2.4L DOHC VVT-i Engine, 8-seater, Keyless Entry, ABS, Dual Auto Sliding Doors, sunken 3rd n 2nd row seats for huge space if needed.


All original accessories intact n good working conditions. Additionals are new upholstery, Retractable Side Mirrors, Side visors, Spare tyre, DVD Player l, Front n Rear Cam recording, Reverse Camera/Sensors.


Most popular COE MPV in the market. Spacious n easy to maintain. Excellent condition with no repairs needed. Lowest depreciation with no fees/conditions attached. Direct seller.

$6,575/yr depre
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Laura Grace made an offer. 6 days ago

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