Posted on 15 Jul 2022
Registration Date 02/10/2008
Ownership 8
Mileage N.A
Veh. Scheme Normal
OMV $38,501
ARF $38,501
Min. PARF $0
Paper Value $20,048(As of 15/07/2022)
Road Tax Payable $1,815/yr
COE Expiry Date 01/10/2028(6 yrs 1 mth COE left)
Road Tax Expiry Date 01/10/2022
Manufacturing Year 2008
Primary Colour White
Transmission Manual
Fuel Type Petrol
Engine Capacity 1998 CC
Power 206.0 kW (276 bhp)
Vehicle Attachment No Attachment

Seller's Notes


Fully street legal. LTA approved trust exhaust manifold and down pipe, Cusco type RS LSD, rays CE28RT, ATS carbon twin plate clutch and more.


Billet built engine. Owen M spec 25G turbo (only 1 in sg), HKS hipermax SP coilover, HKS hi power exhaust, sheptrans gearing, AP pro5000 6/4 BBk


Legendary unit not to be missed if you r looking for a E10! Fully done up unit with all the top brand's. Build to last! No expenses spared! Number plate will be retained! No repair needed. Consignment unit. View by appointment only. Arrange a viewing for more details and part list.

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