Posted on 20 May 2020
Registration Date 23/06/2016
Ownership 2
Mileage 77,700 KM
Veh. Scheme Normal
COE $6,302
OMV $8,243
ARF $1,237
Min. PARF $0
Paper Value $3,823(As of 29/05/2020)
Road Tax Payable $216/yr
COE Expiry Date 22/06/2026(64 months left)
Road Tax Expiry Date 22/06/2020
Vehicle Code P00
Manufacturing Year 2016
Primary Colour Grey
Transmission Manual
Fuel Type Petrol
Engine Capacity 847 CC
Power -
Vehicle Attachment No Attachment

Seller's Notes






Reluctant Sale. 1st owner & only owner Only full cash, refinance or your loan to bank. Inordinate care given to this fine CP3 engine *Selling by 6 June. If not, will let go to shop & not dekitting due to insurance renewal, road tax renewal and vehicle inspection due* Registered date : 23/06/2016. Mileage : 77000km and counting. Usage: For commuting to workplaces I will throw in Lightech Paddock stand, a Alpinestars dry star riding jacket, a drain oil pan and a oil filter socket wrench. EO : fully synthetic EO before every 4000km service Oil filter: changed at during every service Did Valve clearance at 50368km, only 6 shims were needed to change. Cam chain tensioner & timing chain is still within specification range. Next VC is at 90000- 100000km, which is recommended to change the coolant hoses too. Throttle body sync fully cleaned and done at 20000km, 34000km, 49000km, 50368km, 58859km & 70107km. Flushed Coolant at 20000km, 35000km, 47000km, 50368km with Kuttenkeuler ANF 40, at 60042km, Honda long life coolant & 64000km Liqui Moly RAF 12. DNA Air filter serviced at 41250km, 52040km & 68207km. Average mileage for 14l tank = 270-300km Vehicle Inspection passed. Road tax till June 2020 Bike is fed with Singapore's 98, esso 8000 or v-power as petrol is company sponsored. Brake pump flushed and bled with brembo fluid at 27000km, 45000km, at 63400km and 71790km, racing Dot 4 fuilds. New rear rotors changed at 58224km New brake pads for front SBS 634SP at 58224km &, brembo rear SP pads at 65000km. New Thermostat replaced at 63577km. New radiator cap replaced at 63577km. New water pump replaced at 64000km New SKF wheel Bearings & seals at 65689km Tyres : Pirelli Rosso Corsa II at 58224km Accessories: Accessories & Upgrades: 1. Street legal Termignoni carbon fiber full system exhaust with legal and racing sliencers. 2. Öhlins rear mono shock STX46 YA335 changed at 40000km. 3. Hyperpro front fork springs with fork oil changed at 41000km. 4. Motovation bar ends. 5. Hel carbon black brake lines / hoses with abs (5 lines) 6. Motovation fork sliders. 7. Motovation rear axle sliders. 8. Hepco & becker explorer 45l top case and rack 9. YSS racing EG188 steering damper (progressive) with DMK bracket mount. 10. ShiftPower UK quickshifter. 11. Puig sports tour wind screen. 12. Original playlife handle grips. 13. Carbon black center tank pad. 14. Storm grip copy tank side grips. 15. Givi crash bars 16. Air inlet cover. 17. Aftermarket bigfoot. 18. Mt-09 side radiator fairing cowl guard. 19. Leon radiator guard. 20. R&G bobbin / spools. 21. Bottle holder. 22. Ventura headlight protector. 23. DNA Air filter reusable and serviced at 41250KM & at 68754km 24. MWUPP fingergrip to handlebar clamp 25. Grab-on grips & levers sponge 26. Headlight front beak. 27. Pelican tank box. 28. Leon splash guard. 29. Mt-09 Tracer GT's pillion foot bracket. 30. Rear pillion handlebar. 31. Rider / Pillion mutli-step adjust height level, will be given if not sold. 32. IU leather cover. 33. Side infill panels. 34. Additional wind shield deflector. (will be given) 35. Meter is protected with screen protector. 36. L-valve tyre air inlets. 37. Oxford LED signal lights with connectors, adapters & relay installed. 38. FP Brake & Clutch levers 39. Re-cushioned & re-wrapped seat with extra padding for comfort. 40. Strobe tail light functions. (flickering stop light) 41. Racing Power Bar end mirrors. 42. Black XSR900 handle bar 43. R3 Clutch assy for lighter and smooth clutching in 44. Powerroad Lithium Battery. 45. NGK Iridium plugs CR9EIX changed at 47000km 46. C6 LED H4 6500k(non-apporved) or Philips diamond vision 6000k H4 & white side/pole lights leds. 47. Sprockets & chain: Hodaka sprockets and DID VX pro x-rings at 41200km. 48. Regina chain ZRT at 60810km 49. Steel Magnetic Drain Plug for EO Stock rear shock, front fork springs, exhaust, original signal lights with connectors, side mirrors, original headlight bulbs, side lights, brake and clutch levers, & relays will be given.

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