The staff was friendly and the service was good and efficient. The car was deal in short time and with a relatively good price. Thank you.

Very prompt services with viewing appointment made within the next day. Friendly dealer with highest offer that I source around ... ... highly recommended , thank you Miss Huimin

Last Friday , I had contacted motorist in the morning to scrap our van . After we decided to let motorist handle our van , within 2 hours Kenneth had contacted us to view our van and within the same day our van was sold and cash was hand over to us Well done ! Very good service !

Dear Motorist .Sg Sales process is very good advice and fair prices with good recommendation. thanks

Thanks to (Huimin) for providing good service n very helpful to me in selling my car. Clear all my doubt and save my time of scraping the car myself. Thank you .

The service provided by MotoristSG was efficient and attentive. Without such an unrelenting service I will find difficulty in disposing off my car.

I had the pleasure of having Jasmine as my sales assistant. She was prompt and informative whenever I have queries. I would recommend her if any opportunities arises.

Service from motorist. (Teresa) I'm happy with the service for helping to scrap my car. Will intro my friend to it.. Well done..

I have recently sold my car through consignment and it was a very friendly experience for me. The whole deal is hassle free and the period taken to sold is within the time frame as promised. Would highly recommend them to others.

Thanks to Jun Kai and Leon, my car was sold when others did not manage to do so. I like their efficiency in handling the whole process. Leon is easy to talk to and Jun Kai is more reserved. All in all, I will definitely recommend this duo for your consignment needs and will recommend to my friends and family.

I like your service, thanks. Nice service, nice help. Will intro my frens to u.... Good good good....

This was my first time using this platform to sell my old car. And it was a fantastic experience with Huimin serving me. She was always friendly and professional. Trying her best to help me whenever I need information even working on the weekends when I ask questions. I definitely recommend her!

A very smooth and fast transaction deal at a reasonable price for my used car. A job well done for Huimin who made all this happen. Prompt reply by her on any of my doubts. Even the dealer, Eugene, being introduced is very friendly and transparent. Thumbs up for Huimin and I will definitely recommend anyone who wanted to sell their car with for a hassle free transaction.

Easy and pain free way to scrap my car. Was able to use my car till 1 day before scrap, without hassles. And the exporter took my car for a cheque exchange. No 1 month wait for LTA to process the PARF. Steps were also explained to me clearly via staff, weeks before I decided to try them out. 2 thumbs up.

Today I sold my Polo which is approaching the end of 10 years. I found the dealer through and appointment was made almost immediately. The whole process just took less than half an hour, with the transaction pin and ic copy ready, the title changed and deal is done. It is efficient and professionally done.

I did a COE renewal recently with xinyi. She had helped me with insurance and loan as well. She is a patience and efficient consultant and she even came down to my most comvient place to collect form. Appreaciated much in her effort and professionalism. Thank you

We are quite impressed with your service, helped connect us to dealer within 1 day, and at a reasonable price, and followed up till transaction completes. Thanks, Elaine!

Great service and very prompt follow up. Thumbs up. Received a fair price for my car and good and fast dealing

Co-operative, helpful staff. Fast, efficient handing & taking over of vehicle On the spot cash transaction. Reliable and friendly staff handling the transaction. was fast and prompt in matching with a suitable dealer. There was also follow up service where details were also sent via sms as a reminder.