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The response from the motorist.sg is fast n responsive. Got a pretty gd deal, with freindy agent coming over to view car.

Thanks again to Mel,Elaine and team!Lastly,also a big appreciative thank you to the dealer!Great agent Great guy great job!

It was fast service however dealers will always bargain your price down upon viewing. So do expect that. Actual price will always be lower than promised.

Huimin was very helpful - both in arranging the meetup and also giving me advice on how to get the pin from the LTA. Whole process was very smooth. Thanks!

Transacting through this platform was stress free and simple, thanks to the help of Joanna. Will definitely recommend this platform to anyone who doesn't wanna fuss too much about selling their vehicle.

Thank you motorist.sg ,just one call my car sold next day,excellent service,and thanks to Joanna ,good price,very convenient door step viewing and collection.

Thank you very much for the service provided for the renewal of COE for my car. A special shout out to Miss Fai who was purely responsible for the renewal. A very Reliable, Friendly and Trustworthy place you can go to when in need.

Elaine is really helpful and efficient. I got a quote for my car real quick and at a reasonable price. Viewing was also arranged on the same day with no hassle. Really appreciate.

Was searching thru the net for company to scrap my car. Chance upon Motorist.sg. After filling in the details of my car, a prompt reply was received. Was served by Huimin thruout the process. She was responsive and prompt in queries that was posted to her. Appreciate the way she guide me thru the process and was happy with the service. Cheers Thomas

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