This is my first time using The experience is pleasant and the service is excellent. Good.

Hassle free, swift response and can accommodate to my request. Highly recommended service for busy working people like me!

Fast & reliable !! Today enquire , tmr arrange for appointment n get a deal. Highly recommend , will deal another time is there is chance.

Thank you Johnna for helping to sell the car. Speedy and good service. The car was sold within a week. and particularly Elaine havebeen a pleasure to work with . Very professional and peace of mind in dealing with them . Very happy and would definitely recommend them . Thank you .

The reply and respond from came fast and furious! There was an instant match and the deal was done in a flash! Kudos Joanna on her competency! Thank you! You bet I'll call you again!

I just sold my car, SJF450J through Motorist. The transaction was a very smooth, and he is very patient and professional. I indeed enjoyed this transaction. Thank you very much.

This is a very good platform to dealer to quote the price and I do not need to look for dealer one by one to compare the price they give me. Most impressive by the service of the dealer. Easy negotiate my problem with them.

Hi, The response to get the quote was fast and appointment was made to view my car and manage to get the quoted price dealer at my accepted price range. Thanks for the help. Regards Jacelyn

Selling my car through is really hassle free. Prompt actions from Elaine also meant I sold my car in less than 1 week. Thank you!

thank you so much for the arrangement. The entitle process from start till i sold was merely 24hrs.

Extremely happy with services rendered by Elaine. Courteous and patient throughout the whole process. Would highly recommend this service to my friends.

Got a better deal than scrapping my car, I was surprise that Motorist SG was so quick in responding to my request too. Many thanks for Elaine of Motorist SG for the help!

What can i say it was hassle free n cheque was issued immediately on e spot guess they like what they see he he

The liaison part was pretty easy and fast! However, the actual person coming to test drive keep changing and price quoted was also not as what was originally quoted. Some contractions because during test drive, dealer says my car is in very low mileage and good condition with only cosmetic fixes, but after, still ask for negotiation to reduce the price.

Wow. I am very impressed. Everything is seamless. Within a day or two, my transaction is complete with good valuation as well. Thank you so much for my positive experience. Appreciate.

Elaine was super efficient when contacted and the sale transaction was swift. The dealer arrived promptly and honoured the offer

Pleased with the professional service. Actual transaction took about a week and quite hassle-free. Price transacted is close to asking price. Highly recommended.

Nice person do deal n he was very polite n decent.. Will look for him future if any.. Very quick deal n fast one too

Very well explanation. Excellent services and fast response. The dealer well equip with good knowledge in dealing with car.