I had a pleasant experience with Huimin as my dedicated facilitator for the sale of my vehicle. She demonstrated patience and professionalism, even in the face of troublesome demands and request. I will not hesitate to recommend motorist.sg to my friends, colleagues and family members if they were to decide to sell their vehicles as I am confident that they would receive the same level of professionalism and attention as I did. Please extend my heartfelt thanks and gratitude to Huimin. Regards, Delton

Mel did a great job. I managed to sell the van on time even though at a big lost. Prompt follow up, link up and replies. Thank you for your assistance.

Good service from Mel , jasmine and hui min. Also car dealer is honest and sincere. Regards Jacqueline

Prompt follow up and reply, coordinate the proceeses well, hassle free arrangement, good customer service

I turned down the inital offer as there were others better. Despite that, Joanna did not give up and helped me sourced for a better deal. Thanks to her, I was able to fetch a higher price for my car.

Joanna helped me to liaise with dealers, which saved me a lot of times and hassle. Meet up with dealer was easy and fast too. I am impressed with their service provided. Thank You Joanna.

Motorists sg works very efficiently and was very responsive. Definitely will use their services again when the needs arrives.

Thank you Motorist.SG. Selling the car is a Breeze. I manage to settle the selling process within a week.

Fast and friendly service from motorist.sg. The only web required for any car selling. =)

I requested for a quote today and the next day,Joanne came back with a quote.It was fast and easy.She was also very patient answering my queries. Definitely will recommend Motorist.sg to anyone who's keen to sell their car.

Very convenient and fast. Hassle free transaction. They actually send the buyer down to evaluate the vehicle at your location with your preferred time and date.

This service is quick in responding my query. Especially thanks to Joanna, who has given me fast service. Finally, I managed to sold my car with competitive rate. Thank you

Thanks very much for closing at a higher price that l have expected. The services was fast and the dealer was a nice gentlemen. I would. Regards and have a nice day. Felix

Thank you Johnna for helping to sell the car. Speedy and good service. The car was sold within a week.

The reply and respond from motorist.sg came fast and furious! There was an instant match and the deal was done in a flash! Kudos Joanna on her competency! Thank you! You bet I'll call you again!

Extremely happy with services rendered by Elaine. Courteous and patient throughout the whole process. Would highly recommend this service to my friends.

Wow. I am very impressed. Everything is seamless. Within a day or two, my transaction is complete with good valuation as well. Thank you so much for my positive experience. Appreciate.

Elaine was super efficient when contacted and the sale transaction was swift. The dealer arrived promptly and honoured the offer

Pleased with the professional service. Actual transaction took about a week and quite hassle-free. Price transacted is close to asking price. Highly recommended.

Great Service! Transaction is a breeze. It only took 2-3days and my car is sold. Price is highest among 3 other quotes. Highly recommended if you want to sell your car.