Very glad and satisfied with Teresa service. Very prompt and good follow up as well. Thank you Teresa for the hassle free transactions.

The service is very useful! The help received helped me to find the best deals and make a decision for selling my car. Highly recommended !

I very satisfied with because I manage to find the buyer recommended by at a higher price and is fast and efficient

Thanks to Jasmine for following up quickly on my inquiry, and for arranging meet-up on short notice. Managed to get good value for our car too!

The service rendered was good. Elaine is responsible and helpful for the whole process. Buyer is good too. Thanks

Quick respond within 2 working days. Good access upon viewing my car and with professional advices . Prices that may not be higher than quoted as expected, but I was willing to let go at a comfortable offer. Was also appreciated with his offer to loan a car without charges for 5 days till I collected my new car. Lastly to say that the whole process took only 2 days to settle with no inconvenience causes.

I am plesantly surprised by level of service provided! Was very satisfied with the whole process! The transparency and attentiveness was amazing! Thanks!

I have a hassle free experience selling my nearly 10 years old car. I will definitely recommend this service to friends.

The first dealer quoted $6700 for lancer but upon inspecting the car, reduced to $6300. Hence, we decided to scrap the car ourselves. However, Ms Jasmine from followed up 2 weeks before the car is scraped and introduced a more reliable dealer. Dealer quoted $6700 and didn't reduce the price after inspecting car. The transaction was fuss free and fast. Thumbs up to Jasmine and the dealer.

Teresa was helpful in the entire process and allowed us to sell our car for a higher than expected price. Keep up the good work!

Your service is efficient, fast in response and price meet my expectations. I will recommend your company to my friends.

Smooth as butter. Service is professional and top notch. Always reachable and provided me very clear instructions on what to do. Highly Recommended!

I had a great experience using the service provided by Ms Elaine was very efficient and friendly too.Will recommend it to the peoples i know.

Service you can trust. Jasmine assist to fetch a good price and dealer was honest and professional. Will introduce friends to use their service again!

Hui Min is very responsive and through her, I get to dispose my car with ease. Thumb up to her service!

The service provided is smooth and on the spot you can dispose of your car. Will recommend to friends.

Jasmine at has been very patient and her followed up activities is non intrusive and subtle. It seem very suitable for a busy person like me. And finally (almost at the eleventh hour before the coe expires) got a car dealer that took over my car without hassle. Just to add that being the one and only owner and Low mileage. The car has been Tip TOP in conditions and outlook:)

Very good . I'm so happy with your help.Thank you.I hope that next time also can be looking for you for the help.I also will introduce to my friend about your service.thank you.

Thanks for the recommendation! Managed to sell my vehicle off at a decent price! The dealer which was recommended to me was honest and not pushy. Was initially worried about the dealers that was working with but it was totally uncalled for. Thank you so much again!

Thank you so much Huimin for a successful deal. Professionally, fast and efficient in closing the transaction.