Great service. Able to return quick result in one day. Will recommend. Good job. Keep up. Will come back in the future.

Dealing with was swift and fast. The amount offer was higher than most. Thank you Joanna for the assistance it was a pleasure dealing with you.

Great and friendly service. Joanne is very prompt in her reply and action too. I will definitely use her service again!

Joanna has been very helpful with my enquiries as it's my first time scrapping a car and she proactively maintain contact to check on the status of the viewing by the prospective bidders.

They really delivered! Called me back almost immediately and within 2 days found me a dealer and arranged the meeting. Today the dealer came to confirm the deal. It is done! Zero hassle! Highly recommended.

It very easy and hassle free to have handle the scrapping of my car. All I need to submit car info to their website. Huimin from customer service is prompt following up with me. Dealer came and deal wrapped up within 30mins. Great service!!!

The whole process was very smooth and service oriented of From the initial request on the highest value possible for my car due to be scrapped to the subsequent timely follow-up and arrangement to view my car, it was all arranged to our convenience. That is great service and value. Well done and much appreciated. lives up to their promises. They responded within an hour of my enquiry and the offer came in within 24 hours. The offer was comparatively higher than the other sites (and the fastest too). Services provided by the dealer was pleasant and professional. Highly recommended!

The transaction was fast and smooth. Fast response and given alot information to make it easier on the transaction . Thanks

Great service. I was skeptical of it at 1st but this platform is the real good deal to sell your car CSO Huimin is excellent in her service rendered and extremely patient and polite The dealer she recommended was reliable and professional, fuss-free Can be considered for promotion Highly recommended car-selling platform

Just tried out It is very fast and convenient for car selling/scrap. The dealer can come to my block to collect the car. Get money instantly thru internet banking.

Jasmine was really friendly and efficient in helping me to get a good quote for my car. The appointment arrangement was also hassle free, with the dealer coming down to my place to view and quote. Everything was done in a min! Will definitely find her if need any help

Thank you for the prompt and efficient service! The viewing and the offer was reasonable and was done without much fuss.

It was a fast and smooth transaction! A very convenient place for those considering to sell their cars. Thumbs up

Using to sell my car was a walk in the park. Super friendly service staff who were really helpful at all times. Will definitely want to use their service again.

The whole process is fast and seamless, both Elaine and the dealer are very professional in handling my case. After 5 min of viewing and testing the car, the dealer immediately started on the paperwork and handover of my car will be done coming Friday 18th Aug.

Enquires about selling my car in early July though I was not ready to sell, Elaine provided good service and follow-up. She recommended a dealer without obligation or service fee. Eventually sold me car yesterday! Thank you Elaine and for the wonderful time experience!

The guy who came to my house to get my car was here at a punctual time and there wasn't any problems given to us. The service he provided to us was excellent and it was definitely fuss free and absolutely easy to communicate with.

Jasmine was really friendly and efficient in helping me to get a good quote for my car. The appointment arrangement was also hassle free, with the dealer coming down to my place to view, and collect the car. Thank you so much Definitely a highly recommended place to buy/sell cars.

Very prompt and friendly responses from Elaine. Managed to get a very good price quote for my outgoing car too. Everything settled smoothly too. Good work.