Awesome customer service. Very fast and reliable. Definitely will recommend this service. Thank you

Thanks for coming down to have a look at the vehicle. You guys are great and reliable. Will get back to you soon!!

It was so much easier to scrap or sell my car now after I got to know Jasmine from Motorist is so professional and great in servicing me and making sure everything goes right. Look no more outside to compare price , Motorist is the guu.

Huimin is prompt in her response and follow up, and also effective in communication! The whole process is easy and hassle free.

My transaction closes with ease and the car dealer is very patient and honest. I could not decide on the spot and he makes an effort to u-turn back to close the deal. Thank you!

I was glad that I contacted Jasmine for selling my car, the process was smooth and easy. I was appointed a great dealer to view my car and able to accept my car at my acceptable price. The whole transition was very comfortable to deal with.

Hui min has been very helpful, and tried her best to answer all my queries. Her reply was very prompt too.

Huimin is polite, friendly and responsible. When she messaged that she will revert the following day, she did so even though it was a Sunday. I had a pleasant experience dealing with Huimin. Excellent service! Thank you.

Very helpful. I sold my car within 2 days receiving Elaine's call. Good match up between buyer and seller.

Extremely prompt service. Remembered that I needed to get the quote 2 weeks later and she got the quote for me. Always returns messages and was equally friendly, although everything was done through texting.

Jasmine found a buyer for me within 1 day and closed the deal within few hours. Thank you for her efficient and fast response.

The call from Elaine came in at the right time. 3 weeks before my car end. She is very details and able to provide all information. Thks. Most important is the whole transaction was smooth and easy. And price is above market value.

At the very beginning, my thoughts that their valuation will not be what i have expected which actually pulling me back to ask for the quotation. However, after enquiring for quotation for my Hyundai Avante, manage to sell off my car to their dealer at higher price than the PARF value. Thank you,

It was so Simple... It was so Easy . It was so Fast!... It was so convenient... No Hassle at all. ..

Huimin was professional, patient and responsive on my enquires. Quotation came in within 2 days and I got a good price for my car. Transcation for the whole process was easy. Thank you once again.

A hassle free transaction that is fast and pleasant! Dealer even came to collect my car! Appreciate that!

I got a reasonable offer for my coe car. It really makes the process of selling seamless. Thumbs up Bryson

Requested for cash transaction to scrap my vehicle. Dealer came with a laptop n settled the vehicle transfer within 10mins and handed me the 28k cash.

Very fast and precise. Very helpful person. Have good initiative and provides all necessary information how to sell my car.

I almost forgot on my scrap date but they did it just in time ..superb service thank you! I will definitely recommend to my friends..