Thank you ,just one call my car sold next day,excellent service,and thanks to Joanna ,good price,very convenient door step viewing and collection.

Was searching thru the net for company to scrap my car. Chance upon After filling in the details of my car, a prompt reply was received. Was served by Huimin thruout the process. She was responsive and prompt in queries that was posted to her. Appreciate the way she guide me thru the process and was happy with the service. Cheers Thomas

Good service and fast response! I will highly recommend this service to family and friends. Do keep up the professional level!

I chanced upon this site while searching online and was assisted by Joanna. It was easy and only took less than few hours before a quote was given to me. They would also call to follow up on the case. Once agreed on the quote given, they immediately schedule an appointment. All of this without obligation and service is completely free. It was a great experience.

Thanks Joanna from for her super prompt and fast actions, helping to secure an exporter for a quick deal, hassle free and good price too. I will definitely recommend Joanna and to my relatives and friends. Thank you once again joanna, really appreciate your help.

I would like to thank Hui Min and colleagues for providing an awesome service throughout the process of selling our car.

Very happy with the service. Fast and effective. Just need to drop a request and they settle everything. If anyone wish to scrap car should look for Highly recommended.

The whole process was fast and easy! All parties were helpful and responsive. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to sell their car.

I never thought deregistering a car could be so easy and hassle free. Thanks to Joanna of whose response was not only quick but very efficient to obtain the best quote possible for my car. I highly recommend them! Great job!

Elaine is very helpful. She explained to me clearly on how i can scrap my car. Since its my 1st time she guided me well. I've got the best price as well! I will sure recommend to my family and friends!

Thank you, Hui Min and the team for promptly matching me up with the partners. Procedure was smooth and simple. Explanation was clear and concise. The partner was very flexible in timing and location and every consideration is given to ensure my convenience. Thank very much.

Great and fast and smooth deal!! Thank you for the deal!! Managed to catch a good deal at a right time.

Very good and fuss free service. Got a quote within a day and met with the dealer within the week. Would recommend this to anyone who needs this service.

Very good and efficient platform. They didn’t pester me even when I am not able to sell my car after getting the quote for me due to varies reason. The whole process is smooth without much hassle. Definitely a great recommendation to everyone who want to sell their car.

Excellent professional services provided. Dedicated and committed to serve customers with timely updates. Keep up the good work

Hi, just had my Camry scrap via using professional svc and fast transaction. Best of all, good pricing and deal in cash. Good and prompt svc and reply from Elaine. 2 thumbs up!!

Huimin ( was very prompt & helpul in responding to all my queries. It was hassle-free to sell my car through Excellent service! Recommended!

Made the request on Sunday, offer provided on Tuesday. Prompt and reliable service! Couldn't have been easier. Highly recommended! Thank you!

Quite good service. Viewing done within about less than 1 hour. Punctual on appointment time. Paid deposit of $500 on the spot after viewing my car.

Great help from Elaine to get me a high offer for my car. Recommended to use if you intend to sell your car.