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Interested in Trading In Your Commercial Vehicle? Get a FREE Valuation in 4 Simple Steps

Submit Details

Submit Your Details

Provide us with the required details from LTA to extract the basic information from your commercial vehicle.

Instant Price Guide

Instant Price Guide

An estimated valuation is generated instantly for your vehicle, based on data of similar commercial vehicles in our systems.

24 Hours Valuation

Valuation in 24 Hours

Dealers and direct buyers will make their offers on our platform and we will relay the highest offers to you.

Arrange Viewing

Arrange For Viewing

Once you are satisfied with your valuation, you can sell your commercial vehicle on the spot and lease a brand new electric light goods van starting from $999/month* for 7-years lease term!

Why Trade In A Commercial Vehicle With Us?

Singapore's Most Trusted Platform

Our 4.9/5 stars on both Facebook and Google Review can't be wrong. We also transact the most number of cars in Singapore, handling an average of 500 cases each month.

Safe and Secure

We are here to protect consumers from unethical dealers. That is why we have strict quality control measures in place. We also only work with reputable LTA-approved partners

Seamless and Convenient

We will help you obtain the highest price for your car within one day from our network of 600 certified dealers. With Motorist, you will never have to visit multiple car dealerships again.

Transparent and Flexible

We understand if you have doubts. That is why we made it our promise to never force a sale on our customers. If you are uncertain and require more time to decide, simply let us know!

Frequently Asked Questions

Please give us 24 hours to obtain the highest and most accurate valuation for your car. If you require a quicker turnaround time, do let us know in advance. Our fastest valuation to date was completed in one hour.

We obtain your car valuation through our proprietary in-house bidding system. After uploading your car details, our network of used car dealers and direct buyers will submit their best offer for your car. Once the bidding is complete, we aggregate their offers and relay the highest one to you.

Our car valuation takes into consideration the brand, model and registration date of the car. Other deciding factors include the mileage, previous accidents, and faulty parts. To ensure a more accurate valuation, please provide us with detailed information of your car, including its condition, to the best of your ability.

Yes, we will black out your car plate number to protect your privacy!

Please inform our friendly consultants that you would like to proceed with the transaction. We will lock down the price of your car and arrange for a non-obligation viewing with the buyer to verify the condition of your car.

Our car valuation service is and will always be 100% FREE to all our customers. Even after receiving your car valuation from us, there are no obligations to sell your car with us. However, there will be a service fee of $107 including GST if you do decide to sell your car with us. This service fee will be waived if your car has less than eight months of COE left.

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A 2017 NISSAN NV200 DX-2 1.6 AUTO is valuated at $35,400

about 20 hours ago

A 2018 MERCEDES BENZ GLA180 URBAN (R18 LED) is valuated at $105,000

about 20 hours ago

A 2008 HONDA FIT 1.3G A is valuated at $8,000

about 20 hours ago