How should you care for cars that are not driven for long periods of time?

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Drive every couple of weeks, but failing that, recommendation is to fill the tank, top up the oil & coolant. If you have one available, use a trickle-charger to bring the battery back up slowly, instead of jump-starting it. Check the tires. They are probably pretty low at this point. Check all of the fluids in the typical way. Note that it's okay if the oil shows a little low since it's not warm yet. Check the serpentine belt - like the tires, it is rubber and susceptible to dry rot. If there is room in the fuel tank, I'd go ahead and fill it up sooner rather than later to get some fresh fuel mixed in with the old. Start it up and see how it drives. Take it easy while it warms up. Drive it around for awhile and when it's nice and hot take it to the gas station as mentioned earlier. Then check your warm levels (engine oil and transmission oil) and check again for any leaks now that it's been running for awhile. Recommended to change the engine oil and whatever else is due base on the usual time/mileage.

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