Is it cheaper to lease or to buy?

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If you tend to keep cars for more than five years, or are able to finance for shorter periods (if at all), then buying a car may be cheaper than leasing. Ultimately, you will need to balance your desire to drive a newer car with your tolerance for monthly payments to determine whether leasing is right for you

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With sky-high COE premiums and full bank loans being abolished, cars with OMV less than or equals to $20K are allowed to loan 60% (downpayment 40%) of the vehicle's price for a loan of 5 years. If the OMV is above $20K, the loan amount is 50% (downpayment 50%) and for 5 years of loan repayment.

For leasing, the leasing company will be responsible for expenses such as road tax, insurance and vehicle maintenance. Downpayment will be significantly lower compared to the downpayment of a purchase, and you also do not have to worry about settling the outstanding loan for the vehicle.

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