I have passed my inspection on the 30/12/2019 and wanted to renew my road tax. But when I checked the AXS machine, it states that I have yet to do my inspection. Must I pass them the Test Certificate or keep it to myself?

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Hi, and thanks for your question. If you're going to a collection centre, then you'll have to bring along the certificate. Although, since you just passed your vehicle inspection today (30/12/2019), the information may not have been added to the LTA system as yet. I suggest you try again using the AXS kiosk either later in the day or the day after. If after a few days it still says that you are due for inspection, you may want to contact the inspection centre and enquire.

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Hasif Razali

Noted. Will just head down to the nearest collection centre since road tax expiring in few days time. Thank you so much

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