If I want to top up physical Touch and go card? Can I top up using the app? E wallet and touch and go card balance is different ?

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I believe you can add your Touch n Go card to your eWallet. You may find out more about it here: https://www.tngdigital.com.my/paydirect

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Wu Ge Liang

I read that the once I top up , the e wallet is different from physical touch and go card. Someone mistook it and top up rm200. Now they are stuck and can’t transfer to touch n go

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I think you can only top up the TnG card in person in Malaysia. As for the eWallet, might want to check with TnG themselves.

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A Rahim Bs

It better to top up touch n go card in Malaysia, Do not top up your ewallet more that RM30, cos I experienced twice when the RFID system at CIQ JB not functioning & u tap touch n go physically, later found out it also deducted from ewallet. My advise after passport chopped, wait at the RFID barrier till it open if ewallet have >RM30. Don't tap touch n go card yet. RFID took some timing to read the system. If you tap touch n go, due to this there will be two deductions.

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