My car (BMW 2 series - diesel version) was being recalled by the agent, Performance Motor regarding some issues with the EGR coolant. I was told that this repair could take some time. But I am very upset that there are no courtesy cars available and that I had to fork out the additional cost of hiring a car myself. How absurd!!! Could anyone advise any course of action I can take to recover this additional cost from the agent? Am i the only owner whose car is being recalled?

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Hi Gabriel, thanks for leaving a question. It seems you were not the only driver affected. Based on the article below, over 1.6 million vehicles were affected worldwide. The issue with the EGR coolant appears to be a major problem, as the fault could lead to fire “in extreme cases”.

Do check with Performance Motor if they are able to provide you with a courtesy vehicle during this period. Because vehicle recalls are part and parcel of owning a vehicle, it's unlikely that PM has a legal obligation to provide a courtesy vehicle to you.

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Any idea if this affects x3 (2013), F25?

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Hi Chye Ling, this particular recall does not affect your vehicle. However, you do have a standing recall for rear seats. You may learn more about it here:

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