Motorist Vehicle Price Predictor Launched!

Published by on . Updated on 1 Sep 2022
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Have you ever wondered just how much your current vehicle is actually worth? Track its value with Motorist’s Vehicle Price Predictor!

Our aim at Motorist is to simplify vehicle ownership and selling your vehicle is very much part of the ownership process. Used vehicle prices can greatly fluctuate with demand as well as with the current COE prices. As such, it can be difficult to ascertain the best time to actually sell your vehicle.

This is why we’ve come up with our Motorist Vehicle Price Predictor feature! It will generate a daily estimated value of your vehicle, based on machine learning and data gathered by the daily bidding by our network of dealers. You’ll also be notified when your vehicle's current value exceeds your remaining loan balance, so you can sell your vehicle and still have a decent chunk of change leftover from the initial proceeds.

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Our system is able to accurately predict the true value of your vehicle, within a 5% margin of error, 90% of the time!* Best of all? The Vehicle Price Predictor will work as long as you have your vehicle added into your account! You can even set alerts for when the annual depreciation of your vehicle crosses a certain threshold. The extra information means you’ll know when to sell your vehicle for the optimal price!

Try out the feature for yourself right here! Editor's Note: *906 queries out of a sample size of 1,000. A larger margin of error may be present for motorbikes, exotic and new cars, as there is a smaller pool of raw data.

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