4 Key Reasons Why COE Prices Rose By $6,901

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​Top 3 Possible Reasons For The Latest $6,900 COE Drop!

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5 Clever Tips to Save Space When Packing For a Road Trip

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The Complete Guide to Driving Your Pets—The 7 Steps to Making Your Car Safe for Pets!

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Left-Handed Drivers vs Right-Handed Drivers—Who Has it Easier?

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Happy International Left Handers Day! A salute to all left-handers out there—we know it's not easy. In our world, whether it's a simple pair of scissors or...Continue reading

7 types of drivers in a traffic jam—Which type are you?

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5 dangerous car problems you need to fix immediately

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The complete guide to childproofing: Make your car a safe place for children

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Driver's Paradise: Kranji Countryside Farmers' Market

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Is your mechanic cheating you? 5 warning signs your mechanic should not be trusted

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Trading in vs selling your car—which is really better for you?

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The complete guide to overseas vehicle accidents: Be prepared before going abroad

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How can you drive safe in JB? 7 useful tips to protect yourself and your car

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Johor Bahru is a very popular place for Singaporeans to go shopping, or just grab a bite over the weekend. The food is great, the prices are low, and it's a relatively short...Continue reading

COE price drop across ALL categories—here’s what you should know!

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The COE results for Round 2 June 2017 are out, and for the first time all year, every single category has dropped by at least $1,600! This is no surprise for...Continue reading

No more parking coupons? Traditional parking coupons vs New mobile parking fee app

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The complete guide to DIY car washing: Save money and keep your car clean

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7 little-known tips to extend your car's lifespan

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Driver's Paradise: Upper Peirce Reservoir

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The ultimate car wash comparison: Dishwashing soap vs Car shampoo vs Homemade solutions

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Finally, which type of carwash solution is best for your car's paint? No driver likes to see scratches their precious paint job, and you don't want to end up unknowingly...Continue reading

The complete guide to parking fine appeals: What to do when you need to get out of a fine

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Parking fines in Singapore are no joke. For mistakes like displaying an expired coupon or parking illegally, you could be required to pay as much as $200!...Continue reading