Car of the Year 2023

Throughout 2023, many new cars have been released. Some were good, some were not, and even fewer left an indelible mark on us. The Car Of The Year awards is our way of recognising the efforts that automobile manufacturers have put into their cars, and to continually improve them year after year.

As per our practices, only cars that are still for sale in 2023 will be entered for consideration in our Car Of The Year awards. And after going through our internal judging rubrics, we’ve narrowed it down to this featured selection.

Judging Criteria

We have put together an extensive list of cars which we have tested, digging in to how well they are built, how they tick, and how practical or justifiable they really are. All this to aid you in your next buying decision.

The Build

Is the car properly put together? How visually appealing is it?

The Drive

We assess the car's driving prowess, and if it suits the needs of its target user.

The Bang-For-Buck Factor

More importantly, it is worth your hard-earned dollars?

Official Sponsors

We are thrilled to announce our esteemed sponsors for Car of the Year 2023. Our Petrol Partner, Esso, has fueled our journey with their premium-quality fuel. Yokohama, our Tyre & Rim Partner, has kept us grounded with their top-tier tires and rims. Lastly, thanks to Tokyo Century Leasing, our Financial Partner, for their financial expertise and unwavering support.