BINDER Premium Slick Wax High by Fireball (5L)

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Binder Premium Slick Wax is intended for the exterior of the vehicle and provides an anti-static smooth finish on all painted surfaces and plastics. This product enhances the surface appearance with an increased colour depth & luster. Makes all surfaces super smooth & static free, enhancing colour & depth.

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Fireball Korea had developed a new Highly Concentrated Detailing Solution branded Binder. Another High Performance car care products at a very affordable price.

Binder - Advanced Technology
No.1 Detailing Solution
Made In Korea

Bringing Car Detailing to another new level.

Step 1. Be sure to shake the bottle before use.

Step 2. Remove any moisture from the surface of the vehicle prior to using the product.

Step 3. Working with one panel at a time spread the wax evenly with a microfiber towel and wait up to 30 seconds prior to buffing away the residue until shiny with a separate dry microfiber cloth.

Full curing takes around two hours so it is advisable to not let a freshly coated vehicle touch water for at least that amount of time. Lasts up to six weeks.

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