BINDER Premium Pre Wash by Fireball (5L)

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BINDER Premium Pre-Wash is designed to remove various contaminants and stubborn dirt from the paintwork prior to washing the vehicle. Pre-Wash is best removed with high pressure water after application without damaging the paintwork of the vehicle. *This is a highly concentrated formula and we advise diluting with water (optional empty 500ml container available).

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Fireball Korea had developed a new Highly Concentrated Detailing Solution branded Binder. Another High Performance car care products at a very affordable price.

Binder - Advanced Technology

No.1 Detailing Solution

Made In Korea

Bringing Car Detailing to another new level.

1. Dilute the undiluted solution with water at a ratio of 1:30 ~ 1:50 if required (advised as high concentration).

2. Mist spray product evenly over the contaminated paint and areas where neceMist spray the product evenly over the bodywork as necessary (agitate if required to assist the softening/ removal of stubborn contaminates).

3. Wash the product thoroughly with high-pressure water following application (recommended not allowing to dry).

pH 11.5 moderately alkaline

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