My off-peak car (OPC) needs to be towed to the workshop. Do I need to purchase an e-Day Licence solely for this purpose?

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Why I cannot use Halogen Headlight white light n what is the maximum power that LTA approved ?

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For headlights, the LTA requires every unit fitted on the vehicle to be capable of casting a visible light to the front of the vehicle. The intensity and alignment of a headlight must be within the specified limits. Besides HID lamps, halogen bulbs with whiter light are also allowed. Bulbs should not exceed the recommended wattage rating by the vehicle manufacturer. After the bulb replacements, the headlights should be properly aligned to prevent its glare from distracting other road users. The colour temperature of headlamps that bear approved markings should not exceed 4000K.

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When an OPC is on tow, an e-Day Licence is not required. However, if the OPC had been driven during the restricted hours on public roads prior to the breakdown or after the OPC has been fixed, then a valid e-Day Licence is required for the car for the day of use.

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