I just sold my car to a car dealer from a company under CaseTrust and SVTA. He gave me the balance payment, took my car and transaction fee, and I had them write on the purchase agreement that they need to settle my car loan before/on the 8th of June 2016. If he does not do it by then, where do I go to seek legal action? Should I go to the police, the LTA, or should I report it at Case Trust Singapore?

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Alvin Fan

They did send me a date that they check on the bank is on the 30th June 2016.

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You can always talk to the dealer, it's always good to negotiate on good terms. Just ask them to send you the settlement slip once it's done. If company is caseTrust, quite sure you dont need to be worried. :D

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Alvin Fan

Ok noted , thank you so much , give me a piece of mind .

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What is the full settlement date they use to check with bank? There is no need to be alarmed. Usually dealers will do settlement in 2 weeks. Also don't worry because dealer will not be able to transfer your car to their company if they did not full settle the car

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