I intend to change my 8 years old nissan to another pre owned car ( 2 years old bmw). Can i retent my nissan registration number to the 2 years old bmw? How much this will cost me and how to go about doing it.

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It will cost u $1300 over at LTA side. Go to LTA and perform a number retention which will cost you $1300. After which ur existing car will be assigned with a new registration number. You will need to make a new car plate for your car.

When u buying the pre own car, tell the dealer that you wish to use your retained number. I think they might charge u an admin fee if not you can always do it yourself at LTA

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Seet Steffan

Thanks for the reply.

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Ivan Liu

Cheers. I did it myself too when changed by car earlier. Only difference is I put the retained plate on a new car. After which LTA refunded me $1200. If put a retained plate on existing registration will cost u full $1300.

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