MAS eases car loans: The good and the bad

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Why all car owners in Singapore should register an account at

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Are women bad drivers?

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​How to Renew Your COE?

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Whether you're renewing your COE for the first time or if you've done it before, the entire COE renewal process can be a tedious and troublesome affair. Check out our handy guide on how to renew COE & PQP 2018.Continue reading

Should i sell my car myself?

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​7 tips to increase your car's value

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5 killer carparks in Singapore

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Authorised Dealers VS Parallel Importers: What to Look Out For

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6 things drivers dread seeing on the road

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Zebra Crossing Waiting at a zebra crossing during peak hour is like watching paint dry. Masses of people sashaying across the road, totally...Continue reading

8 types of Singaporean drivers we don't know whether to laugh or cry at

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New car or used car: Which is right for you?

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At some point, every motorist will face the age-old dilemma should I get a new or used car? If made into a movie, deciding between the siren call...Continue reading

What you need to know about HDB's mobile enforcement vehicle

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The future is here, and now Robocops patrol the streets to catch those that ravage, thieve and err. Okay not really, they just patrol in car parks...Continue reading

Common Car Mods LTA Will Chase You For

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Modding your car in Singapore is pretty much a losing battle. If you don't want LTA and the Traffic Police chasing you, it's best to avoid these common car mods.Continue reading

Roadside Parking: 6 Things to Look Out For to Avoid Parking Tickets

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Roadside parking in Singapore isn't that simple. In fact, there are a few things to look out for before parking. To avoid getting parking tickets, remember to look out for these 6 things beforehand.Continue reading

The Different Types of Parking Lots and Coupons in Singapore

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15 things you should never say or do when hitching a ride

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f1. Hitching a Ride in the Opposite Direction This one might just be the bane of every kind-hearted soul that offers a lift, long or short. Imagine...Continue reading

Bus Lane Laws: The Rules and What to Do If You Get Fined

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Bus lane fines are more common than you think. Stationed at bus stops, traffic wardens are waiting to strike unlucky drivers with hefty $130 fines. If you do get summoned, our guide will show you how to appeal your fine.Continue reading

New drivers to-know, basics of Singapore car insurance Car Advice

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4 Lemon Law Facts on Used Car Purchases Car Advice

Lemon law was implemented on 1st September 2012 to protect the consumers against defective goods. Here are four lemon law facts you should know about used car purchases.Continue reading

How to Sell Your Car to a Used Car Dealership Car Advice

Planning to sell your car to a used car dealership? Here's everything you need to know about the sales process. Instead of going through with all the trouble, let help you with the process.Continue reading