​4 Tips to Extend Your Car Battery Life

John Car Advice

Car batteries have an average lifespan of three to five years. If you find yourself replacing it every one to two years, you’re probably killing it well before it’s time. Continue reading

8 Fuel Efficiency Tips To Help You Save More Money

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Owning a car in Singapore is already an expensive endeavour. If you find yourself visiting the petrol station far too often, check out these 8 fuel efficiency tips to lesser than strain on your wallet. Continue reading

​15 Unspoken Etiquette Rules That Every Driver Should Know

John Car Advice

Become a better driver by practicing these 15 driving etiquette rules the next time you're out on the road. These rules will not only make our roads less stressful, but they’ll also make them safer and more pleasant to travel. Continue reading

How to Stop Your Car When Your Brakes Fail

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Employ these defensive measures if your car brakes fail while driving on the road. Picture this: You’re out driving your car when the brake system... Continue reading

​How to Get Over the Fear of Driving

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Don’t let the fear of driving keep you stationary. Learn how to overcome your fears with these tips.Whether you’re a new or experienced driver, the... Continue reading

Ask These 6 Questions Before Buying a Used Car

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In Singapore, car buyers have the option of purchasing a used car from second-hand dealers or through direct owners. To avoid buyer's remorse, remember to ask these six questions! Continue reading

​10 Commandments That Every Motorist Should Follow

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Drivers, keep these 10 commandments in mind the next time you're on the road.Put together by AutoDeal, these 10 driving commandments not only make... Continue reading

5 Signs That Your Car Battery Needs Replacing

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Do you experience difficulty starting your car? If yes, your car battery probably needs a replacement. The battery is probably one of the most... Continue reading

4 Things Singaporean Drivers Waste Their Money On

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Are you wasting your hard-earned money on underutilized parking coupons, car grooming services, and expensive car modifications?You probably know... Continue reading

15 Unspoken Etiquette Rules That Every Car Passenger Should Know

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Fancy yourself a good car passenger? If you have a habit of snacking in the back, or if you're always fiddling with the radio, sorry, but you probably aren't the ideal passenger. Continue reading

How to Change a Flat Tyre

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Changing a flat tyre is a skill that every driver should possess. Instead of relying on others for help, you can easily change a car tyre in 20... Continue reading

7 Factors to Consider Before Buying a Car in Singapore

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Buying a car in Singapore, whether new or second-hand, is a huge financial commitment. Just like buying a house, purchasing a car in Singapore will... Continue reading

​Follow These Tips for a Hassle-Free Drive to Malaysia This Chinese New Year

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Travelling to Malaysia this Chinese New Year? Follow these tips for a hassle-free journey. Whether you are travelling to Malaysia to visit family... Continue reading

​8 Ways to Improve Your Car's Feng Shui for a More Prosperous CNY

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Build positive energy in your car with these eight simple feng shui tips. To help you usher in the Year of the Dog, we've put together these eight... Continue reading

Four Key Reasons Why The COE Will Explode in 2018

Evangeline Car Advice

Come 2018, the vehicle growth rate in Singapore will be at zero. How will it affect COE prices? Will it take a tumble, or will it rocket sky high? In this article, we'll explore four key reasons why we believe it will be the latter. Continue reading

Five Common Misconceptions About Parallel Importers

Shah Car Advice

In Singapore, if you are buying a new car, there are two types of car dealers you can choose to buy from–an Authorised Dealer (AD) or a Parallel... Continue reading

Five Unspoken Rules Every Singaporean Driver Must Know

Shah Car Advice

As mentioned earlier in the the first point about driving on the first lane, another way to know that someone is hinting you to move out of the... Continue reading

Three Key Factors Fueling COE Prices to Rise Further in 2017

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The 2nd COE bidding in September increased across the board, with Category A cars escalating to $42,902, a $6,901 increase from the previous bid.... Continue reading

5 Major News Events in 2017 that May Impact Your Car Price

Zia Xin Car Advice

Every car owner knows that the value of your vehicle can change in the blink of an eye. Many factors can affect car prices, be it market demand. Continue reading

4 Key Reasons Why COE Prices Rose by $6,901

Shah Car Advice

The latest September result is out! And guess what, it increased to the same price before it dropped! The $6,901 increase in the latest COE result totally cancelled out the previous COE price drop of $6,900. Continue reading