Beginners guide to driving

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Listen up and get in line newbies, here's a couple of things to think about before you head off to the great unknown with your car. Yes, you've gotten a licence and yes, you may be well equipped to drive - but here are a few tips your driving instructor failed to tell you.


1. Beware of taxi drivers

Whether you've rode on one or drove near one, fact of the matter is, taxi drivers are always in a rush. They can be seen beating red lights and cutting lanes (in general), our years of experience on the busy roads of Singapore has taught us to steer clear from them. While we drive for leisure and comfort, they drive to earn the cash. So give way and never challenge them - it's always not worth it.

2. Both hands on the wheel

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Studies have shown that the more confident a driver is, the more careless they become. This is a general rule to apply in life too. If you have both hands, it's always a good idea to keep them glued to the wheel while in motion. Any sudden bumps on the road can easily throw your car off and well, you get the picture.

3. Your signal is working, use it

Car Turn Signal

While a lot of drivers are oblivious to the miracle of turn signals, we will bestow you the knowledge of this beautiful technology. That lever on your wheel to your right (or left), is your turn signal. Use this when you're about to turn. A good rule of thumb is a vehicle or two away, not when you're a split second away from turning. Allow other drivers some time to register that you're taking over or moving into another lane before you make a move.

4. No competition

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Not everything is a competition. Unless you're in the last lap of an F1 race, then maybe. That's still a long shot though, so when a car behind you overtakes and speeds up, fight the instinct of going full throttle. Perhaps you didn't know this, but there are other drivers around you. Their life is in your hands as well as yours is with them.

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