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With the advancement of technology and car makes, some car myths stay the same. Never-mind self-driving cars or electric cars, no matter how far we've come, we still hear these old sayings. Here are car myths debunked!

1. Phone-fueled explosion

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You may have been advised not to use your mobile devices while you're pumping gas. Science has proven that while phones emit energy, a mobile phone cannot generate enough energy to ignite a spark from neither the hose or fuel. We aren't saying that you should still use your phones while pumping however - unless you like getting yelled at by the gas attendant.

2. Turn down for what?

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The myth that if you turn your air-conditioning off while you're driving can save you gas has been argued over the years. With research actively trying to debunk or solidify the myth, a study at Stanford University has shown that gas mileage decreases by 10% when you turn your AC off while driving. However, this can create drag when driving too fast. So really, are you willing to pay the price for comfort?

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3. Premium gas, more mileage

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Owning a car is a luxury and paying for gas is just one of the ongoing maintenance, but does it really matter if we pay more at the gas station for premium gas instead of regular? Premium gasses contain high-octane levels - which means your car engine shifts into high power to be able to combust these gasses. So unless you have a high-performance car, its better to stick to the regular gas. Easier on your engine and your wallet.

4. 10,000km

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Despite being reminded every 3 to 6 months by our car service provider, maximising your engine life does not require changing your engine oil every 10,000km. The reality is that synthetic oils used in engines these days can last up to 48,000km! That's a good year if you think about it.

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