A simple hack to sell your car at the highest price!

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Selling your vehicle the traditional way is a long, arduous journey. Be it through an online market place, dealers you've painstaking tracked down, or self-promoting through Facebook, you'll still have to bear the burden of paperwork and procedures. This is not including the painful haggling with lowballers who want to buy your vehicle at the lowest price possible!

Here's part of what you've got to do to sell your car:

  • Source for buyers
  • Haggling and bargaining with dealers and lowballers
  • Meet at a convenient time and place for both parties
  • Prepare forms and paperwork (receipts, sales agreement, M01, indemnity forms etc.)
  • Ensuring your existing hire purchase, buyer's insurance and bank loans are settled

You can find the whole process here! It's not a good way to spend a good many days, and at the expense of wrecking your brain throughout.

What if there is a simple hack, where you can get the guaranteed highest price in the market, collect immediate cash/cheque payment upon handover, and better still, NO paperwork!

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Motorist.sg helps you get a valuation from over 100 LTA-certified Dealers within 24 hours!

Motorist.sg makes the process simple and stress-free, where virtually everything can be done online and in the comfort of your own home! Yes, no more long queues at LTA or driving around Singapore to compare price. Of course, we'll get the best possible price for you too. When you source for buyers, you're competing with a whole other bunch trying to lowball you. With Motorist.sg, your car is in the spotlight, with over 100 dealers bidding for your vehicle.

Receive immediate payment for your vehicle in cash/cheque.

If you're happy with the quote offered, great! We'll handle the paperwork, outstanding bank loans and you'll get paid in full immediately during the handover. If you change your mind about selling the car after the quotation, don't worry, this is a free service, with no obligations!

Changing the way drivers sell their vehicles.

Currently, 1331 cars worth $23,443,324 have gone through our easy process, and satisfied users to match. We're proud of our testimonials, and we intend to keep it that way.

It's as easy as that! All you got to do to start is by submitting your details right here on Motorist.sg, and you're set. You'll get a whole free e-concierge service made for motorists, and it takes less than a minute. Why wait?

Get a quick valuation for your car here!



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