6 things drivers dread seeing on the road

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Zebra Crossing

Zebra Crossing(Photo Credit: The Straits Times)

Waiting at a zebra crossing during peak hour is like watching paint dry. Masses of people sashaying across the road, totally engulfed into whatever show is on their phone while you tap hard on your steering wheel until they thin out.

You think you're in the clear to go when some guy rushes across the road with his hand up to say sorry, and effectively introduces the next mass of people. Evil, evil man.

The Big Man

The Man (Photo Credit: TODAY Online)

These guys, the LTA and Traffic Police patrol cars, they carry this weird vibe that makes you all tense and scared when they're around. When you see them whizzing by or inching closer in your rearview mirror, it's suddenly like taking your Traffic Police test all over again. Check seat belt, put away phone, stiffen up, turn down radio- perfect form.

Final Destination

Dangerous Truck(Photo Credit: Imgur)

Don't tell me seeing these kinds of trucks and no empty lanes to turn to makes you sweat, pray, and hope you can Matrix bullet dodge everything if Final Destination really became a thing.

Effective ERP

Erp (Photo Credit: TODAY)

Maybe you leave your house at 7:40pm, thinking 20 minutes is enough to reach the ERP gantry after 8pm and avoid losing your dollar. Then again, ERP's main purpose is to stave off traffic congestion, and you reach there at 7:57pm instead… so close.

Beep beep!


Lta Takecover(Photo Credit: All Singapore Stuff)

Their NS Sargent would be so proud. These LTA and TP guys hide in the bushes, camera in hand, waiting.. waiting.

Insurance Fraud

Jaywalking (Photo Credit: AsiaOne)

Some jaywalkers are fine, but some really take it to the next level that even your insurance papers invites itself out of the dashboard.

Stay safe and drive smart!



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