5 Types of Speed Cameras in Singapore You Should Look Out For

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Speed demons in Singapore, beware! While it may be thrilling to fearlessly cruise down the expressway at 100-120km/h, you should know that there are "speed angels" watching over you at various locations sprawled all over this little red dot. These angels are installed to monitor and ensure that drivers comply to the speed limits while on-the-go by detecting and capturing the speed of vehicles at a specific point. These angels aim to change motorists' behaviour, prevent speeding, and ensure that road safety protocols are followed through islandwide. Who, or what, exactly are these angels, you ask? They're the speed cameras, of course! Now, the majority of you are most likely to be aware of the speed cameras' existence, but did you know that there are different types of cameras installed within the borders? Each of these type has its own purpose. Here, we present to you 5 different types of speed cameras and their different purposes that are best for you to know as a road commuter in Singapore.

1. Fixed Speed Camera

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The first type of speed camera is the Fixed Speed Camera (FSC). FSCs are usually bright in colour and are adequately visible from 500 metres away. The reason why they are called FSCs is because they are rooted to the ground and possess enhanced capabilities to better identify speeding vehicles from afar. This would detect speedsters who create a dangerous road environment for other motorists from a distance.

These cameras will, for sure, put a halt to speed demons when they see these brightly-painted cameras standing tall, staring into every car that drives past. With a colour that stands out, drivers would be able to distinguish these cameras from a distance as they are clearly noticeable.

As of 14th September 2017, 20 of these cameras are already implemented across 11 locations islandwide to complement the Mobile Speed Cameras that are already implemented.

2. Mobile Speed Camera

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As mentioned above, Mobile Speed Cameras (MSC) are currently in operation and they are positioned across various locations in Singapore. MSCs are rather similar to the FSCs, rooted to the ground to identify speeding vehicles from a distance. The difference is that MSCs are temporarily positioned in one location, and could be moved around as they do not have a fixed position. These cameras can be set up within a week and run on battery which can be considered as more efficient.

MSCs are more lethal in a sense that they are more "pin-point" when it comes to bringing speedsters to justice. At one go, an MSC can capture up to 32 cars that goes beyond the speed limit. With the MSC in place, drivers would be more aware of the roads they are driving on, compelling them to drive within the speed limit and reduce the risk of accidents.

The authority only reported to have 5 of these cameras islandwide as of 14th September 2017. However, although there are only 5, you would never know where they are hiding, so be cautious of your driving speed and always prioritise safety!

3. Police Speed Laser Camera

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The third type of speed camera is the Police Speed Laser Camera (PSLC). This camera utilises modern day radar and frequency technology. PSLCs are quite different from the two cameras mentioned earlier. The size of a PSLC is very similar to a DSLR and is usually mounted to a tripod. It is also manned by an enforcement officer at all times.

How it works is that officers will position the camera in a way that they could aim at the target's car and detect the speed of the car. These cameras are commonly found on overhead bridges, but they could be lurking around corners too! With PSLCs, speed warriors would also be forced to slow down on common roads and not just the expressways. With this, the government aims to create a safer environment for pedestrians and motorists in neighbourhood areas.

As of 14th September 2017, it is reported that these cameras are deployed at 51 locations islandwide. Hence, if you know you are driving above the speed limit and closing up on an overhead bridge or a bend, do slow down before it's too late!

4. Red Light Cameras

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The fourth type of camera is the Red Light Camera (RLC). Similar to FSCs, these cameras are also rooted to the ground but not all RLCs are painted brightly–some are plain white. As the name suggests, these cameras are located at traffic lights to capture any vehicle that beats the red light. When that happens, typically an RLC would flash a light, and if you are caught, be prepared as it might cost you a fortune!

These cameras play a crucial role in preventing crash fatalities involving drivers running the red light. The number of RLCs have increased tremendously, from 120 in 2015 to 240 as of 2nd August 2017, in hope to reduce the number of pedestrians killed due to drivers' negligence of not being alert when the traffic light is in favour of the pedestrians. The Singapore Police Force (SPF) have also replaced the old film red light cameras with digital ones which are more precise. In other words, now you can never escape from getting caught no matter how fast you drive. The only difference between the film and digital speed cameras is how the mechanism works inside the camera.

As of 2nd August 2017, 240 of these cameras are already in place across Singapore. Be sure to keep a look out for your surroundings when you're driving, to avoid getting fined for your negligent acts. The best way is to keep within the speed limit at all times. Better be safe than sorry!

5. Red Light cum Fixed Speed Camera

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This is by far the deadliest camera that was installed at a junction in Bugis, towards Lavender, just outside Raffles Hospital. To be specific, it is located at the junction of Victoria Street and Arab Street, towards Geylang Rd. This camera is supposedly to catch a majority of speedsters who beat the red light, exceed the speed limit (60km/h), or both. If you are speeding to beat the red light, this camera will capture your plate number and you will be penalised for a double offence. Scary, isn't it?

One possible reason that this camera was installed is due to the eerie and lethal accidents that happened in that area. By having this "duo-camera" in place, it sends chill down the spines of drivers and force them to think twice before driving recklessly and endangering others in the future.

This camera is so secretive in catching its victims that the government have never disclosed any information regarding this camera. As of now, it is rumoured that there is only one of its kind in Singapore. But recently, the drivers community in Singapore have burst into panic when someone claims that there is one more that is located along Thomson Road.

At the end of the day, these cameras are installed not to burn holes in pockets of drivers, but instead instilling safer road habits for all.


All in all, after getting to know the different types of speed cameras that are installed across Singapore, we hope that this could make you think again before speeding off on the roads, or beating the red light. Your actions might cost others to pay for the consequences. It is never too late to stop your bad driving habits like speeding, beating red lights and driving recklessly. All of us from Motorist.sg would like to remind you to stay safe on the roads and always be alert!

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