6 points to note on roadside parking to avoid tickets

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Parking in Singapore isn't as simple as parking in the right lots, placing the right coupons, locking your door and walking off with your heart at ease.

Under the Road Traffic Act, parking your car means to bring a motor vehicle to a stationary position and cause it to wait for any purpose other than that of immediately taking up or setting down persons, goods or luggage.

Yes, that means waiting by the side of the road for your friend to quickly come back with takeaway prata is illegal, and therefore, grounds for a fine. Sucky? Yes. Impossible to avoid? Not at all. Follow these tips to prevent that fine getting between you and your sweet, sweet prata.

1. Parking while Facing the Wrong Side

Yes, you can get summoned just by facing against traffic. Think about it this way, you spent precious time finding a lot, and behold! The road beside has a lot, and you just drive right in. The road may not look crowded now, but when peak hour hits and you try to back out of the lot, you're going to face a hoard of angry-faced drivers silently swearing while you get your car back to facing the correct direction.

Save yourself the hassle, make a U-Turn and park your car the right way!

2. Road Markings to Watch Out For

Unbroken Double Yellow Line

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Unbroken Double White Line

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Unbroken Single White Line

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No parking at all times on these roads. No 2 minute toilet breaks, buying the newspaper, and sadly, no chocolate chip mint from the ice-cream man. It's not worth the $70 fine.

Offences That Attract Demerit Points

Single White Zig-zag Lines

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Single Yellow Zig-zag Lines

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Double Yellow Zig-zag Lines

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These are the ones you really shouldn't mess with. Parking here messes up traffic flow, earns you about a thousand honks, a fine, and dreaded demerit points.

3. Parking Enforcement Cameras

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If you see lampposts or sign posts with orange vertical strips, DO NOT PARK. These are CCTV monitoring zones used to catch illegal parking. Watch out for the signs that indicate parking enforcement cameras too.

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No Waiting signs and CCTV cameras have been installed at passenger pick-up points at some MRT stations too so remember to look out!

These are pretty much death incarnate. Dishing out a whopping $300 fine and 3 demerit points, avoid these things at all cost.

4. Miscellaneous Spots to Avoid

Besides specific road markings, there are other places you plainly should avoid parking at for the sake of yourself and the convenience of other motorists and citizens.

Parking Near Fire Hydrant

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No parking within 3 meters of a fire hydrant at all times.

Parking Near Intersection

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No parking within 6 meters of an Intersection or junction of any road or street at all times.

Parking Near Bus Lane

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No parking at all times within 9 meters of a bus stop.

Parking Near Pick-Up Point

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No waiting at these pick-up bays.

No Parking Within a Pedestrian Crossing

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This is road-hogging on another level, and it puts pedestrians painfully close to both your bonnet and oncoming traffic, and puts you in the spotlight on STOMP, Facebook and anywhere else. Bad publicity, a fine, and demerit points are really, really not worth it.

5. Abreast of Another Vehicle

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One way in, no way out for the motorist trapped in his lot. This offence not only carries a fine, but demerit point too.

6. Yellow Line Parking

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Of course, there's a silver lining. Between 7pm to 7am on any day except Sundays and Public holidays, you can park on roads with yellow lines!

Stay safe and drive smart!


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