Our mission is to simplify life for drivers with our all-inclusive ecosystem of auto services and tools tailored to provide a seamless driving experience.

Motorist was founded in 2015, after our founder Damian tried to sell his car on his own. As a first-time seller, he encountered many unreasonable offers from buyers who tried to take advantage of his inexperience. He also had many doubts about the heavy paperwork involved. After this experience, Damian decided that he wanted to help fellow drivers who were new to vehicle transactions. He eventually came up with the idea of a reliable third-party platform where sellers could connect with certified and interested buyers, and find expert help for any doubts they might have. Thus, Motorist was born. Over just 3 short years, Motorist has grown from an idea to a bustling company with over 20 employees, all of whom have helped over 7,000 drivers and transacted over $100,000,000 worth of vehicles securely and successfully. In 2018, Motorist will be setting its sights at the future by expanding into the APAC market, starting with Malaysia. The company will also be taking its operations beyond vehicle transactions, and focusing on the needs of drivers. Motorist is now a comprehensive AutoConcierge platform that not only assists drivers with vehicle transactions, but also helps them to conveniently manage all aspects of vehicle ownership. What was once a simple idea, Motorist is now simplifying the lives of every driver.

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